Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A spring in my step...

Standing on our balcony this morning as the golden sun emerged from the lavender clouds, I noticed that the humble tree outside our apartment had undergone a magical transformation…Yesterday evening I laid under the tree catching my breath after a run. I contemplated the striking simplicity of the dry branch and dreary bud: a detailed silhouette against the powder blue sky that would make for a beautiful graphic on one of my designs.

As the sun rose this morning the buds had opened, revealing a shoot of virescent leaves and a floret of pink. Overnight life has appeared where there seemed to be none before. The world has changed a little, and spring has arrived. I never thought I would experience a changing of the seasons in Dar, but the beauty lies in the details…

Life has its seasons too. As does the heart. “No winter lasts forever, and no spring skips its turn” and it is in the subtleties that I can feel a spring in my step as I move from one season to the next.



  1. As you say the changing of a season is sometimes drastic and sometimes only noticeable by the person experiencing the change. Grasp this wisdom my friend, the seasons are definitely changing for you.

    P.s has there ever been a bluer sky than in Africa?

  2. “No winter lasts forever, and no spring skips its turn”...and in Dar es Salaam it is summer all year long...