Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little piece of Stonetown in Jozi

My much loved painting of the streets of Stonetown, Zanzibar has finally found a home! A perfect place on the landing wall with a light perfectly positioned.

The Salsa teacher bought this painting on a random saturday morning excursion ( usually ended with mani's and pedi's at Lemon with a glass of wine from the English). Among all the different paintings this one really stood out.

After acquiring a new housemate the painting was banished to the washroom, and much to my delight she arrived at my house one night painting under one arm (and of course a bottle wine in the other).

So it came to have a cherished place in my house. When the time came to pack a life of 3 years into a suitcase the painting was one of the first to have space.

So now, every time I come home, I have my little piece of Stonetown in Jozi.



  1. aw! It looks beautiful! Cant believe it was once banished to the washroom!

  2. It now has a proud place in my foyer ;)