Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rocking the African skies

This past weekend a bunch of cool kids from Dar went to Zanzibar for a weekend of wine, snorkeling, Konyagi and Nungwi’s white sandy beaches at Tanzanite Beach Resort . The journey there is a quick twenty-minute flight on one of Coastal Aviation’s scheduled flights in a comfortable twelve-seater aircraft that provides panoramic views of the archipelago’s aquamarine coastline.

To others, like myself, flying is a more nightmarish experience. On this trip the flight was particularly turbulent…well, in my mind.  I was clearly the only one experiencing discomfort as I saw the other passengers smile and giggle at me through a teary-eyed [read: terrified] gaze. Just ahead to my right sat an older mzee who was on a business trip, his leather briefcase next to his side. After one stomach-churning bump he turned back to me with kind reassurance in his wrinkly grin and said: “Don’t worry dada, this is normal” (huh, really?!) and then he added with a wink: “Africa Rocks!”

And with that my fear dissipated, if only momentarily, and I thought: Yes, Africa does Rock! Rocking high in the African skies, I realized that we are incredibly fortunate to be experiencing this continent in all her beauty…and to be living in this beautiful country. We can spend weekends on a place as magnificent as Zanzibar. We can rub our feet dirty in the red earth. We can eat her fruit. And we can feel her presence in the breeze…

Frangipanin x


  1. Met apologie aan die Beatles..."I wanna hold your haaaaaaand...I wanna hold you hand"
    Mama Africa rocks indeed!

  2. And that you did...Asante sana :)