Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding Nemo: Part one

One beautiful sunshiny day, a fresh gust of wind appeared to be exciting things in Dar for a little banana and a flower. With a little nudge and a convincing sway the two little spirits found themselves embarking on an underwater adventure. The first tentative steps to frolicking in the water were made with flippers afoot and tanks on back.

A goggled Andizi and flippered Frangipani began the pool session of the diving course at Sea Breeze Marine , making an elegant entry amidst the splashing children. Settled in the turquoise waters, it was time to deflate our BDC’s and down…. And then, we took our first breaths underwater. Inhale. Silence. Bubbles. Exhale. More bubbles. And then even more bubbles! It was an experience that can be likened to nothing one has experienced in life, as terrestrial, before. Panicked at first, one slowly begins to trust the equipment, and that is where the amusement began…After completing the various module exercises, the best dive buddy one could ask for[read: Andizi] and myself, swam around the pool forsaking the traditional signals for infinitely more expressive and jovial gestures. Much to our amazement we could laugh really hard and comfortably under the water too!

With the pool sessions done and the open seas waiting, the little banana and flower are on the brink of finding Nemo. Part two of the underwater adventure continues after a weekend frolic on Zanzibar.

Badei x 



  1. beautifully written, so glad you are trying it! it is definitely the closest we will ever come to experiencing another planet!

    The open ocean is even better so enjoy it so much!

  2. NOOOOO WAYYYYYS!!!! Nemo here we come... DUUUUUUUDE!
    Loving sharing this with you!