Friday, August 13, 2010

Houston we have a problem

I am sitting on my bed trying to decide what to write about.  Konyagi is torturing an ant.
Inspiration evades me completely.  It has been for while and I don't understand why?!  I am experiencing one of the most emotionally charged years of my life!  This turning 30 thing is profound!  I am loving it and also hating it!
I have intensely become aware of certain things about me that I don't like, that I need to accept or that I need to change.  I have also settled into my own skin like never before. The contradiction of it all is enough to exhaust even the most severe narcissist!
I mean, the words should be dripping from my every pore...tortured creative soul and all that! But is all "frightfully unsettling"...

Well, my bags are packed for a weekend to Zanzibar, the island of slaves and spices.  I am hoping to come back bursting with poetry and verse!  If the writers block continues after that, Houston we have a problem.  Watch this space...


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  1. I know what a year it has been...for a number of people, hopefully we will all get to the other side stronger, wiser and more beautiful!