Thursday, July 15, 2010

Starters and Changes

The past year...
From the askari peppered streets of Dar, to the seriously manicured plains of the Serengeti, to the mountains  in the cape, and this evening to looking after a sourdough starter.  I was recently in absolute dire need of bread preparation - sour dough bread in particular.  Finding myself with a bit of time on my hands, I began the long journey of sour dough bread making.  This, it seems, is only for the faint hearted.  Anyone with a bit of gall and guts will get seriously frustrated with the starter (in bread terms - a flour and water mixture that is the living stuff that makes it rise).  They are incredible things, alive and all that.  But they are a bit wussy-like too??  I feel like I have to pussy foot around it - lest the bubbles stop.  And then, after nursing the starter for a few weeks I expect a teeny bit of give back - in the form of a loaf of bread (sorry, I am not asking for a lot here... not quite turning water into wine...).  So for two days, I slog over the dough-making (intensive labour, this part not for the faint hearted) and then leave it to rise.  Only thing is: the bugger doesn't rise!  A tired bubble here and a minute bubble there and thats it.  Nada.  Nothing else.  I turned on the under floor heating for crumbs sakes?!  I'm a little out of love at the moment... and just wonder whether sour dough starters should harden the fuck up???

It's a debate - feel free to disagree (she smiles hoping that few MTM followers will be sour dough bakers).  I will make sure there is more information on the new blog, and so will let you know of the progress (God willing there is some) in the next couple of weeks.

So Hibiscus will be quiet for a while as I hope to open up my own little page somewhere out there, and as always when one something ends it's a certain good time for reflection.  And a glass of wine.

Over and out

~ hibiscus


  1. Missing you all ready...will have to drink a glass of wine to feel better ;-) will think of you! xxx

  2. and missing you tooooo, but I am always in the glass of wine ;)
    Will keep the seats warm here for the Boland girls! big loves