Saturday, July 3, 2010

Barbeque/"Braaivleis" Dar es Salaam Style

Our favourite local restaurant for mishkaki - which is like a meat kebab
Watching the soccer - Obviously!  This was the game that sent England "Out of Africa"
Handogg washing his hands - this gets done before every meal as a knife and fork does not feature in this type of establishment.
Mmmmmmmm...nice pink tomato sauce!  But we go back for more every time!
Washing hands after the meal.
The uninvited guest that accompanies most meals in Dar es Salaam - this mozzie met a sudden end at the hands of Handogg - no pun intended!

It does not beat a good old "skaap tjoppie" (lamb tjop) and "braai broodjie" (toasted sandwich) on the South-African braai , but it sure is damn tasty!


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