Monday, July 26, 2010

Konyagi Country

Konyagi is the infamous white spirit synonymous with Tanzania. It is a mix between a Gin and a Vodka and is made from sugar cane with some Juniper berries thrown in there somewhere. We love Konyagi! The perfect local alternative to have with some tonic and lots of ice!

And now we love Konyagi even more as that is the name of the new man in my life…my cat! Not even the scary pictures of old maids living with 20 cats could prevent me from falling in love when I saw this little guy at the vet. She found him and his brother when they where one week old and hand reared them until I laid eyes on this bundle of grey fur and took over all parenting responsibilities. He has about doubled in size since I got him but has still managed to creep firmly into the hearts of all of those living around me. And because Konyagi loves to hunt my toes at night, this is convenient since he has sleep overs with the neighbours every once in a while. Like a real mom on her night off I then relish my 8 hours sleep! He has large inquisitive eyes, 4 white paws and is the new king of the house!

The king does have some mommy issues though...he sucks his own nipples?!  Does anyone know if this is normal?!  It is freaking the hell out of me and Frangipani!


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