Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nick Brandt: On This Earth

So work is picking up and I am so grateful because it’s a much needed distraction.

We are busy brainstorming another African country’s tourism campaign and have to think of new ways to show for example and elephant.

Just google ‘African Elephant’ and you get about 2,900,000 results. Yep the  African elephant has been done over and over a million times and strangely they all look the same…

Doing all this wildlife photography research I remember a day that we walked past A novel Idea at Slipway and saw a book by Nick Brandt in the window. Its called On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa.

Now I am sure everyone has moments like this that stay with you forever. The cover of the book had the most amazing and moody photograph I have ever seen.

I am not a big coffee table book fan, having spent so many hours at strange peoples house while the parents ‘braai’ paging through another version of ‘THE AFRICAN KINGDOM”. But this one stayed with me. Ofcourse as fate would have it they we sold out when I went back.

According to you shouldn't talk to Nick Brandt about his life with the stars. Making video clips with the likes of Michael Jackson and Moby is all in the past. But he remains grateful for his pop successes because they have financed his current obsession - photographing Africa’s disappearing world of animals.

Brandt has reinvented himself as a serious photographer - and a very successful one at that. His portraits of animals in repose are haunting. He has an affinity with his subjects. His photographs are a bridge to a lost Eden, a fast disappearing world of amazing creatures.

Luckily we live in the age of credit cards and online ordering and his book is available on Amazon for a small fee of $26.40. Definitely worth it!

Nature is amazing.


  1. Amazing
    What a privilege to live in a country where we can see these magnificent beasts roam the plains!
    Lovely post Maisha!

  2. The lion picture is STUNNING! Thank you for sharing friend x

  3. Lion looks like he is at a shoot with one of those airmachines you use for models! My personal fav is the elephant...stunning!