Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am Woman


Gotta love it – these woman is brilliant! Dar es Salaam-a-la-Sex-and-the-City-2

We got invited to the “Premiere” – excuse me – of Sex and the City 2 in Dar es Salaam! A couple of us girls, put our heels on and off we went to the Cinema.

Firstly – to get to the Cinema it took us about an hour as they opening started at 18:00. Or so the ticket said…. True Tanzania style – we got there at 18: 39 and they were still setting up! Hie hie!

But it looked great – pink carpet, pink drapes, pink cupcakes and best of all – PINK BUBBLES! JC le Roux was launching their new Le Fleurette Rose Sparkling Wine and they did a great job at it! No better idea than to bring bubbles to such a great movie!

It was honestly hysterical – and Samantha was the cherry on the top!
She was excellent! 

I have to mention the clothes, oh the clothes, oh the beautiful, interesting, funky, weird, creations that came on screen! Goodness, whoever has got that job – they are great and shocking at the same time! I guess that is what they want – the shock  and wow factor all in one!

Ladies – round up the troops, dress up and go and see the movie – it’s fun!!!!

~desert rose~

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  1. Oee sounds like fun! Especially with the bubbles!