Tuesday, June 8, 2010

vuvuzelas in dar!!


Wooohooo for Tanzania..... and vuvuzelas!!

What fun! Tanzania played Brazil last night and we decided it's time to dress the part, get the vuvuzelas and support our team!

We all piled into a local dala dala (specially arranged for us) and set off to the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam. We all had the trademark vuvuzelas that are available all over South Africa for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, with us and we took on the job of being proper football/soccer spectators!

Our fellow supporters were very impressed by the vuvuzelas and we had great fun entertaining them with the hooting and blowing throughout the game!
But I must say we did get sideward glances every now and again.......
it was like, come on guys, SHUT UP! You are making TTOOOOOOOO much NOISE!

We had a blast and even tried to see if a vuvuzela can do the job of being a beer glass.......

down down down down

Enjoy the World Cup everybody and support your teams!!

~ desert rose (with ringing eardrums!)~


  1. AHHH awesome atleast Tanzania had some support!

  2. where can i get a vuvuzela?