Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our little piece of Africa

                                               (Photo: Ryan Wienand)
Long story short.

Yes, I did fall in love with this guy I met in a bar, and yes, I won’t, but others will, vehemently say it because of the ever-present khaki fever..... we won't dwell on the point. And yes, he did end up owning a piece of Africa.

And so we got married, and with that, I also now obviously own a piece of Africa too!

Just came back from our spot in the bush – Lukula. And wow, my soul is restored, by head back in place and my body cleansed of city rat race.

Nothing like spending time out there, looking up to the clear skies at night and seeing the stars pop up in place. Nothing like the smell of a camp fire in the bush, the smoke on your hands, your dusty feet, candle lit dinners on sand banks and the low rumble of a male lions gentle roar when you lie awake listening to the deafening silence of Africa....

Come and visit us….. it’s an experience beyond words.

~desert rose~


  1. Lise...
    o, my word! Laat weet as julle weer eendag iemand nodig het!
    Daai plek is n klein stukkie hemel!

  2. jy's eerste op die lys meisie! karibu sana anytime!