Monday, June 14, 2010

Harare Happenings

Just incase - on the off chance - that any of the gorgeous people in Zimbabwe:
a) have an internet connection fast enough to read Mangotree Musings
b) can be bothered to read Mangotree Musings.. ;)

Dont miss this - fine entertainment delivered by Mr Alexander himself and a glass of wine - and you can feel oh so good because its all in the name of charity.  It would be selfish not to attend and purchase at least 2 copies...

Thursday, 24th June 2010

6:30 - 8:30pm
The Parvin Residence, 14 Aintree Road
I would be privileged if you joined me at the Harare Homecoming of Fly Fishing For Sharks, the Alan Paton prize-nominated memoir that I wrote about life with OCD. Much of the book's subject matter is connected with Harare and Zimbabwe, and it means a great deal to me that we are finally able to share it with old friends, family, colleagues and school teachers.

I always wanted to have a launch in Zimbabwe but was thwarted in that regard by my publishers. Literally in the last week - and hence the unavoidable late notice - a young lady named Charlotte Haggie hatched a plan that will hopefully see us all having a fun evening and raising a few shekels for a Guiness Book of Records worthy cause - Zimbabwean orphans of parents who have died of AIDS. Charlotte will be up in the country of her birth working in this area from June of this year.

There will be some comp wine and a snack and, if all goes to plan, a cash bar later. Charlotte will say howdee to the crowd and then I promise to entertain you with a speech about the book. If you are intrigued by my words and iconoclastic views, you can pick yourself up a copy, which I am happy to sign. Most of all, Charlotte and I would like it to be an event focussed on reconnecting with people, meeting new ones and helping out those who can't help themselves.
Hope to see you soon

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