Friday, June 4, 2010

Driving in cars next to boys (and girls)

{traffic into Sandton}

So its day 5 of my first work week in Jozi. 
Sjo what a rollercoaster. 
Got the job a week ago and had a week to;

1.) Find a house

2.) Buy a car
3.) Buy furniture; everything from a bed to a bottleopener
4.) Do all the grown up stuff like get insurance
5.) Move into this house (thank you the whole family for helping AGAIN)
6.) and this is a big one find a way to get to work in the infamous Jozi traffic.

For the first few months in Tanzania I didn't drive anywhere but on the Peninsula (the bubble where all the expats live). 

Tanzanian drivers are crazy!

The dala dala's (think cross between a bus and a minibus taxi) ALWAYS have right of way and you don't stand a chance. I have seen one car literally scraping past the other one (taking some paint with it) to get somewhere. And some how none of the drivers care? Driving in Dar takes a lot of balls., a strong hooter and electric windows for the 'out the window arm' telling people that yes, you are going turn here.

Obviously it was with great trepidation that I attempted the traffic on Monday morning (after having driven the road the previous night to not get lost on the way to work!) I must be crazy but what a pleasure. People are so NICE, I mean its a 'everyone has a turn mentality' even if you are turning into a main road from a side road? So so far I want to congratulate the Jozi drivers on the mature way they handle traffic! May it last

~frozen maisha out or Jozi


  1. That's what the traffic looked like in Dar today, from what I could see out my taxi window, nothing like that traffic that I used to complain about in Vancouver. Where the drivers are NOT friendly! My friend and I from Vancouver are here to work and are feeling a little lost. Do you have any suggestions where to go to meet people or groups to join or anywhere we should go?
    We are here to open Pure Salon and Spa on Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road.

  2. Hey Holly!
    First of all - KARIBU SANA!
    All the girls here are very excited about your salon and spa! Dar definitely needs another one! let us know when you open...

    well, if you haven't been to the George and Dragon (English Pub) or the Irish Pub, I suggest you go for an evening or two, might make some friends there! other wise, let us know what you are in to, and we can make some suggestions. Arts/Crafts/Music/wildlife etc etc

  3. we are very excited for Pure to open as well, it will be nice to get back to work again. We are living in the Upanga area and don't have a car so will have to taxi anywhere, but other than that are open for anything that will help us get settled and feel like we live here. We were thinking of looking into getting a few bikes but the traffic here is nuts and i'm not so sure that's a good idea. If there are any nights that are better to go to the local hot spots that would be good to know.

  4. Hi ladies
    Monday night they have a quizz night at the irish bar. i have not been but heard it was lots of fun. wednesday night is karioki night at irish - also fun! usually wednesday or fridays are also good to go to the english pub.
    then, on the 1st saturday of every month there is all night dancing at trinities and the 3rd saturday of every month is at mediteraneo - thats my favourite one!
    obviously now is a great time to get out there and meet ex-pats with the soccer going on. there are big screens up every where - try hilton one night - it seems to be a popular venue.
    enjoy and am sure we will still meet one of these days out and about!
    have fun!

  5. thanks so much for the info, we are very excited to get out there and enjoy everything that Dar has to offer.