Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Football Fever grips Jozi

I am not a big sportsfan. Watching rugby on a Saturday afternoon ( with a braai ofcourse) is so firmly entrenched in South African culture it can’t even be seen as a sport anymore. Thus football hasn’t ever featured on my radar. But it is a bit difficult to stay in Jozi and not get caught up in the frenzy that is football fever. 

The day I wanted a Bafana Bafana shirt I realized I was hooked! So watching Argentina playing Mexico on Sunday at Soccer City was an amazing experience! The atmosphere was electric and the fans out in full force. Even  though the air was a little bit nippy we all came prepared with about ten layers and then some. We used the Wits park and ride and what a breeze. You get herded like sheep onto luxury busses that wizz you off to the Calabash. As the game only started at 8:30 it was already dark when we arrived. The Calabash looks like a space ship that has landed, really breathtaking. After a brisk walk you pass through metal detectors with friendly policeman and then start looking for your turnstile.

Inside everything is well organized and there as so many refreshment stands you don’t have to wait in long queues for Beer (only downside is the beer Budweiser??) and the restrooms where clean and well stocked! We had the most amazing view of the pitch and even the Vuvu’s couldn’t dampen anyones spirit!

I am now firmly an Argentina fan (it might mainly be because I love the colours of their kit...) what an experience! I felt so proud to be South African, a world class performance by a world class African City!

Looking forward to All Blacks against the Boks at Soccer City!


  1. Nothing beats getting to say: I WAS THERE!!!

  2. Was there and never felt more proud! Well done SA! Fantastic experience and thanks for reminding why maisha!

  3. Oh yes...never in our lifetime will we experience something like this again!