Thursday, June 24, 2010

How not to look like a parka-plegic

After three years of constant 40 degree heat and 70% humidity the Jozi winter has hit me hard. Gone are the days of sweating off make up and thinking up new creative ways of wearing the minimal whilst still looking corporate. Last week we started the days in a minus.... A MINUS!!! I woke up one morning to find ICE on my windscreen which continued to spread as the cold wind blew. And then people keep on saying its only June...

So with this cold spell (Well to me not a cold spell just generally cold) came an enormous wardrobe crisis and ofcourse a lack of funds (first month, new job you know the spiel) I did (4years ago) have some stock of previous years but my sister (bless her) have worn it all to shreds.

So, hence the strategy emerged...wear everything you own (I atleast have two pairs of shoes...) but swop the order around so it looks like a new outfit every day! (And this from someone who has shopping as their main activity on facebook) It works...but I look about 3 sizes bigger(ok maybe copious amounts of red wine has something to do with it...). Eyeing all the unsightly bulges in the mirror this morning I tried to think how this could be prevented?  Maybe latex thin long johns? Or are we destined to look like a parka-plegic every winter?

I know open shoulders and cute dresses with boots are fashion...but damn there is no way I am freezing my butt off for the sake of fashion...maybe next year!


  1. hahahaha maisha...pole sana!
    i had the reverse effect, after spending two months in the CT winter, i am back in the sun in Dar - plump and pale!
    and i do miss Alto Rouge in front of the fire...

  2. Maisha, ek stem 100%! Having a wardrobe of only thin cotton shifts I've been wearing three of them at a time...unfortunately a Dar-inspired wardrobe doesnt help much when it is snowing in little Grahamstown. And returning to SA I seem to be 5 years behind the fashion times. Im looking forward to the timeless matumba's back in Dar xx