Thursday, April 29, 2010

The raaaaaaain in Spaaaaaain

Dar has transformed into a water world as torrents of rainwater turn streets into rivers, parking lots into lakes. Helloooooo rains! It is quite lovely (when enjoyed from the comfort of your home under a blanket with a good book), but a little inconvenient when it comes to the fashion department.  My pants are drenched with that slow, wet, upward creep and negotiating puddles in my slip slops leaves them ruined and my feet muddy and cold.

And so it is that today I will go in search of a pair of gumboots! This prospect has me really excited; because it’s the closest I’m going to get to winter fashion (which I love). Boots paired with stockings, boots paired with coats, boots paired with anything really! And now, gumboots paired with shorts and floral frocks.

SO I’m off the local hardware stores along Kimweri River, or maybe to Lake Oyster Bay. I’m thinking Kanga or Kitenge gumboots would be beautiful…I feel a design idea coming on…Maisha, ek en jy gaan nog hieroor praat! 

Happy day everyone! x



  1. Friendy..we have to discuss...and if you find a few pairs maybe you should resell them cause this rain ia nog gonna end soon

  2. I'm moving from Vancouver BC to Dar at the beginning of June. I should bring my purple gum boots, can you suggest anything else?

  3. Hi Holly

    You will only be needing your gum boots in the rainy season - aka March/April and maybe a little in May. For the rest of the year - bikini, loads of sunblock, clips to keep the flowers in your hair (on good dar days) and wipes to get rid of the dust (on bad dar days)!

    Karibu sana!

  4. Lake Oysterbay is accurate. Can't get my head around the weather forecasts-one says its gonna be dry and sunny and outside, am seeing a sheet of water :-)