Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Musers do The Beach

Location: Ras Kutani, Tanzania (paradise? I'm afraid it's as good as it looks.)
People: mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers + 1 patient photographer.
Aim: Well-... Kind of-....I guess, it's-.... very different for all of us. I reckon I could have picked a slightly worse place to say goodbye to, though, it certainly didn't make leaving Tanzania any easier after such a sensuous rich weekend...

So..... what exactly are we doing?
What, on the beach, or generally, or here in Tanzania?
Well, any of the above.
Mmmm. Not sure really.
(photographer): I dont know, doesnt she know?
Nope - she thought you knew.
What about her?
I dont know.
Oh. Well - lets do it together, whatever it is.
Mmkay. Like this?

(photographer shouts): ladies, as much as I love you, you're driving me crazy
hold the dresses down and jump up - now!

(post jump) ooh. That was far too exhausting.
Would've been easier with less wine at lunch - or maybe it was the gin and tonic?
God no - those were the best for me. I do love gin. Really love I mean.
(chorus all) Me too.....
Gin anyone?
(all) Mmmm - for Gin.
(someone, not sure who) : And for Mangotree Musings. We do love our blog.
Like gin love I mean.
(all): For musers, we love.

We love.



  1. we love gin, i love him, he loves her, you love me, i love scream, i scream, we all scream for ice-cream...with gin drizzled over!
    wonderful hibiscus...what great memories of that weekend!

  2. scones and tea on a sunday afternoon that turn into G&T's into the early evening...

  3. gin. doesn't make me cry, does it make you cry!? i just love it!
    we miss you hibiscus and this is just a great post!

  4. Love you all with gin love. Love tea and scones and cream and jam, with good musers... Gin made me cry once - but it promised not to do it again. Mwas x

  5. Love the photo's and nostalgia ........ x x x