Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's always a moment

The best thing about being in South Africa is catching up with old friends. Last night was such an encounter. The reunion took place in the academic town of Stellenbosch where this friendship started many long years ago.

The 1st time I met Fernando was at a friend's wedding, where he mistook me for my sister - the latter he tried to woo at a previous matrimony. This happened during what I fondly refer to as my "depression" years (dark and twisty ala meredith grey) but Fernando made me laugh and we danced the night away.
I accompanied Fernando to his wine club's end of year function where, very appropriately, I was introduced to Floors.
Remember - "There's always a moment"...(from the movie Closer), which became an infamous wedding quote?!

What followed was (in no specific order) card tricks in De Akker, Romulus and Remus in Rome, the Nederburgh Auction, smokey jazz bars in Prague, Hidden Cellar party crashers, Elvis in Paris, cultural nights at Dorpstreet theater/Oude Libertas, Botticelli in Florance, Chianti in Italy, lectures and debates on love, woman, men and Isis, Isis, Isis...

My two great friends both found the love of their lives in Londres...the grey city that holds so much promise. It was in Paris where Fernando and I sat on a bus behind Floors and the beautiful M and we knew - our friend is hopelessly in love.
Fernando followed M(II) back to Cape Town and when she lifted the skirt of her creamy wedding dress to reveal cheeky red shoes, I knew for sure she was the perfect match for him!
Floors and M have just settled in the picturesque Paarl with their little boy, whom I am dying to meet! From what I have heard he has his dad's mischievous nature...little ladies beware!

And that is how we found ourselves last night having a drink together after many years and a few life changing events. Much has changed and little has changed and it was good.
This post was requested. It is not easy to compose under the scrutiny of two such gifted writers. So the less said the better. To Floors and Fernando, to France and Firenze...



  1. Annoying Clio, the muse of history..
    Holding an open scroll and having a chest of books next to you.. sitting.. (in an office)reconstructing the adventures that has defined you. Realising Francois Hardy should, contrary to a long held believe, not be reincarnated on South African soil.. but rather be left to disapear of natural cause under Van Gogh's starry nights.. A glimpse of the pureness of the French Isis (poetically caputured) by a falling star is mos enough! Knowing the nature of regret allows the muse to forgive Floris, Fernando and Teens K, annoying her with memories now far removed from fact.. given the caveat: Clio forgives to those vikings who in memory can distill an adventure to its single form:
    A phrase: 'there is always a moment'
    A crisis: 'Ek het vannaand net vir ‘n change my hemp ingesteek. My hare vir oulaas gekam in die spieel. My mense gegroet en my sleutel gekry. ‘n lange gegooi en toe is dit alles vir altyd verby.. en jy ry en jy ry deur die donker vallei'
    A dance: ‘I swear it happened much like this, a sigh, a cry a hungry kiss.. the gates of love it budged and inch, but i can’t say much has happened since’
    Anticipation: ‘There was something in the air that night, the start were bright’


  2. perhaps to supplement the list of books on the blog and a nice little video that fits with Fernando, Floris and Andizi

  3. thanks eduard...i just listened to the dedication...made me smile and remember!

  4. Ahooi ed, Dis 'n bitter cool video. Het dit nog nie vantevore gehoor nie.. Ek hou van die sangeres wat haar lip byt

  5. Ai julle, dit klink soos adventures net om te dink waaroor julle alles gepraat het..! Anne jys gelukkig om sulke siele te gevind het! Happy memories, L