Monday, May 3, 2010

The Book of Love

My little sis got engaged! Such wonderful, glorious tiding! Reasons as to why this is such an eventful event to follow:

1. The festive celebrations of a marriage has eluded our family for a while now. Being the eldest, I will have to take most of the blame for that. In an extended family where most of my cousins got married between 21 - 25 the standard was not easy to follow. Add to that my ability to fall in love with guys that are great, but not great marriage material and you start understanding the grandparents' anxiety. Luckily, I never got any pressure from my parents, for the most part I think because my dad was hoping to be spared the expense of at least one modern day wedding.
I remember the first time he spoke to my uncle about the cost of my cousin's wedding - he choked on his Amstel and nearly fell straight into the braai...not the careful constructed introduction us daughters would have preferred! At least he has had a couple of years after the near fatal conversation to mentally prepare himself and the bank.
So, even if my dad finally has to steel himself and face the financial terror of his first wedding, I am very happy to get rid of (for a little while at least) the anxious glances to my wedding finger at every single family occasion, or the annoying questions that usually goes something like "you are such a lovely girl, why can you not find a husband?"...?!

2. Weddings are the MOST fun! I really do love weddings...Gin love (aka Hibiscus)! To me, weddings are a joyous occasion! Everyone is in a celebratory mood! Even the times that I have gone to a wedding as a date and did not know the happy couple that well, I mostly shed a few tears at the pure happiness that surrounds all!
For this special wedding I am part of the planning committee and although I suspect there will be some contentious points down the line, for now, my mom and my sis and me are enjoying every minute of the wedding talk! My sister is a wonderful creative soul and I know that this wedding will be something remembered and enjoyed by all present!

3. Last but not least of all...the engagement is enchanting, because I am so, so, SO happy for my little sister. She has truly found the love of her life. Syrupy I know, but I can say that because it has not always been moonshine and roses. They went through some tough times but this guy patiently stuck it out and in the his girl! I don't believe in the perfect man or the perfect woman, but I do believe that R&N are perfect for each other! My sister is a beautiful, creative soul that has found her future life partner in a gentle and very funny farmers son that knows exactly how to handle her, even when she has only just woken up. And that is an art that I, having spent a lifetime with her, have still not mastered!
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they make each other very happy and love each other for the rest of their lives! Considering that their introduction was carefully planned (by R's best friend that married N's cousin) and that they where introduced to other people as each other's fiance before they even met, this really comes as no big surprise!
R&N...congratulations and celebrations! I love you both!


  1. mmmmmmmmmm- love is in the air... everywhere you look around!!!

  2. YEAH, we love R&N!! Happy happy you two!

  3. Ons is soooo blessed om Rina as 'n sussie by te kry. As Niël haar nie gevra het om te trou sou die res van sy familie dit namens hom gedoen het :). Julle kry 'n baie special boetie by!! Ons sien baie uit na die celebrations! xj