Friday, April 2, 2010

Notes from the Universe

About 6 months ago (actually, more, but I cant bear to face how far along in the year we are...) I signed up for Notes from the Universe. Intrigued by what would pop into my mailbox, I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the coolest craziest conundrums of words everyday. Okay, so its all about positive thinking and all that malarky, but they are really really cool.  I think the word "cool" was invented for them.

'There can only be a need for forgiveness, mangotreemusers, when first there is a blame.And there can only be blame, when first there is misunderstanding."
Kung fu,
The Universe

(And often, musers, misunderstandings arise for one of three reasons: not enough love, not enough sleep, or not enough chocolate)'

Go get your


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