Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Baba, matatizo kidogo....." (Translation: We have a wwweeee little problem)

We arrived back at our home one evening after an early-lunch-at-Mediterraneo -that-turned-into-late-dinner-at-Spur-with-way-too-much-wine and our Askari (bless his heart, sleeps all night) very excitedly informed us that our tree fell down.

"Oh, well, when did this happen and which tree?" says Impi. "Baba, in the corner, come look" says Askari. "It happened at 5 o'clock" (it is currently 10:43 at night)

"a;lskcn b poaueb;oaisjv   alsdkvjpaoib'a" was Impi's reaction of course.

Well, turns out the beautiful tree that provided most of our all-day shade, came down with a crash on our "home-made braai", missed our umbrella and my favourite fever tree.

It took several days and various helping hands to cut down the branches to clear some space. We now have an awesome thick branch (still half way in the yard with the other half in the road) that's got the potential of a wicked treehouse and jungle gym for Moo. 

Then, out of nowhere Mr. Peter Someone (couldn't remember the surname) Chairman of so-and-so municipality pitched up shouting and screaming demanding to know why we didn't call them (who are they by the way) to come and cut the tree down! I mean come on! Were they really going to????

Funnily enough, we actually received about 7 queries of people walking by asking if they could bring their own machetes/chainsaws/blunt knives to cut it down and take the wood for themselves. They even offered us money to do so!! First ever!

Moral of the story.... not sure, but if anyone is up for a braai, let us know! We'll bring the wood!

~desert rose~

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  1. looks oddly similar to what happened next to the golfcourse apartment i am staying in, in oysterbay,