Thursday, May 27, 2010

Africa Time

(Image from: Abby Fitch)

I have been in South-Africa for nearly two months now. What should have been a simple four week exercise, has turned into an endless operation with an uncertain outcome. Or maybe I was being foolishly optimistic - we are after all dealing with Tanzanian immigration officers here!

Being in South-Africa now, one cannot help but get swept away in the FIFA World Cup mania! I had to smile when I read in the newspaper a government official urging fans to arrive at the world cup matches on time. I quote: "We are not going to be operating on Africa time". For all the differences between South-Africa and Tanzania, this one thing they DO have in common - Africa time! And as frustrating as it is at times - like right now - it is very much a part of life on this wild continent. You can either choose to life with it, or leave...and I am certainly not going anywhere! Sunshine, sea and space vs slow pace...I guess you just can't have it all!


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