Sunday, May 16, 2010

Small Town in a Big City

I have always regarded myself as a Big City Girl, the shopping, the restaurants and of course the anonymity of thousands of people independently going about their daily lives.

Today marks two weeks back in the Big City  and I find myself missing the Small Town. Things that have previously irritated me like being hooted at by every car while on your morning run or meeting everyone you know from the coffee shop to the supermarket on a Saturday morning, I now recognize as a sign of a community that cares (or maybe one that doesn't have a lot to do...)

Although I enjoy the washed and packed lettuce and being able to have a wonderful cappuccino any time I wish, I still miss the friendly chat with the local vegetable guy or the wave of a friend as you pass them on the road and of course the balmy evenings spent at a neighbours house with glasses of red wine with ice and insightful discussions with worldly wise women.

I think for now I will give the Big City a chance but maybe in the future will find myself searching for the perfect Small Town where my green grocer will sell me the freshes produce and the coffee shop owner will know my name.


1 comment:

  1. There are some in this city that would love to know your name.....!! Hope you pop down soon for a visit, and aaaall the best for the beginning part. xxx