Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its too hot to sleep...and a little too loud...

The beat of  Taraab Music drifts into our living room, the cadence reverberating powerfully against the walls (as it has for the past 5 hours). Earlier, as our curiosity piqued by this disturbance, Andizi and I ventured forth to the house across the road to see what the occasion was, guessing either a church gathering or a wedding celebration. 

Cars lined the street and as we peered into the driveway, our eyes adjusted to the bright light, revealing a sea of women in beautiful gowns dancing and singing. A dada (sister) walked past us, taking food to a group of men standing outside. She turned around to us and insisted upon us two pajama-clad girls to join in the festivities of a Swahili Kitchen Tea. Her genuine invitation and kindness is testimony to the Swahili open heart and open home. The drums rolled, the women swayed, the smell of food filled the pregnant air, but tonight we would not join..both attire and sleep would not time, definitly...


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