Monday, March 22, 2010

The Pink Ticket

Don’t we all just yearn for that pink ticket every now and again.!!

Last weekend, we all got dressed up, dusted off the high heels, put on make-up (I own mascara and eye stuff -what do you call it again….. ah, eye shadow – AND THAT’S IT!!) did the hair, put our diamond earrings in and off we went to the Irish Ball.

Impi was out of town, so Andizi was my “date” for the night. Maisha, Frangipani , the two of us and various other friends took the night on! (Hibiscus you were DEARLY missed my friend!!) And didn’t we paint it PPPIINNNKKK!!!

We had a glorious time at the Irish Ball which was held at the Kempinski hotel, very nice venue! Great food, lotsa booze, good Irish music, what else do you want!

Just after 1am, we decided that we need some more music, cause apparently these feet weren’t done with it yet! So we piled into a taxi, heels in the hand because now the blisters were beginning to get too bad, and we set off to Runway Lounge. Our very own in Dar es Salaam……

Quote from their Facebook page:

Situated on the Penthouse level, below the dome, at Shoppers Plaza, Runway Lounge bar lives up to its expectation of glits, glamour and pizzaz….as it should.

No where else in East Africa are you able to strut, drink champagne and watch the sun set and moon rise without having to leave our little haven created just for you. Finally I am able to pay homage to the greats of the past that have taught us so much here in the present.”

I mean HELLLOOO, doesn’t that just sound divine!

As we approached the doors, we had to put on the heels again, make sure the lipstick is in place and fork out Tsh 20 000 (about $15) for cover charge…. Ah, no problem, that time of night nothing is too much??!!! And so we got our PINK TICKETS!

Anyway, we had a lovely time, danced the night away and got home at 4:43am….. Heard from other friends that they got back at 8:30am…. Greeks – gotta love ‘em!

I won’t say much other than my dear Moo woke up at 6:30am….. Impi was out of town as I mentioned before. I was a complete wreck on Sunday!

But what fun, don’t we just love Pink Tickets!

Check out their webpage for those who would like to odd night out - great to dress up every now and again! or join their facebook page: Runway Lounge Bar

~desert rose~

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