Monday, March 29, 2010

Spa....? you gotta be joking!

When one goes to a "Spa" there is normally some or other "clean" connection to the word. For instance, I just see neatly wrapped, vanilla-scented, towels lying in a small square wicker basket, a range of high-end health and beauty products displayed in a neat line, (and all of it actually from the same supplier), fresh frangipani flowers arranged in a terra-cotta vase. 

You find yourself in a clean, dimly lit room filled with music that sounds like waterfalls.
Everything just feels fresh and perfect.....

But alas, when you lie on a grimmy table ready to get your unwanted hair waxed at a so-called "spa" in Tanzania, this is what you get crawling on the walls............

Not a good day to be in Dar today!!!!

~desert rose~


  1. From the same supplier and not the clicks in house brand from SA...and cutex that isnt sticky...I love going for mani's and pedis here but how funny is it that you have to ask which nail polish actually works...impressive array but your choice is usually limited to about five colours!

  2. i know! i tend to take my own nail polish with..... much better!