Friday, January 15, 2010

Year of "a"

[photo from Emily Fox]

Returning to Dar from the holidays at home has been exciting! It’s a new year that holds new things! The trouble with the New Year is the often ambitious, less often achieved, new years resolution. Stop Smoking. Start Exercising. Start Saving. In the spirit of ‘new beginnings’, I always commit myself to certain goals that at about 5pm on January 1st become obsolete. 2010 however has begun somewhat differently…

Thanks to Bubbles, my wise and cheerful housemate, I have decided to follow her syllabary, “ABC” approach to achieving and maintaining personal goals throughout the year. The concept is simple: choose a letter of the alphabet and find things beginning with that letter to start doing, give up or develop. I have decided to start at the beginning with the letter “A”, perfectly suitable for returning to Dar es Salaam!

“A” is for adventure, to exploring the city and experiencing the riches of the country more fully. “A” is for ambition, to professional growth in my new home. “A” is for assertiveness, to becoming more decisive and self-assured. The first letter of the alphabet also stands for apples, activity, art, alcohol (less of!), appreciation, airplanes (overcoming my fear) and abundance. Sitting with a dictionary in hand compiling our lists in Desert Rose’s kitchen will long be a fond memory.

So in the spirit of “A”, here’s to the Ambitious and Achievable goals for 2010!

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