Friday, January 29, 2010

T... is for terrifying.

Much has happened in the last few weeks and one of the most exciting things must be my new car. It’s a little Suzuki Vitara, a pimping ride who is affectionately known as ‘Khanye’ (as in West) and more recently as Matilda (‘Tilly’ for short). And so, Tilly has given me my independence back!

No more taxi’s or bajaj’s that can cost an arm and a leg, or feeling guilty about having one more cigarette at coffee when the driver is waiting. I can come and go as I please. And, as I’ve always thought Dar traffic is FUN…right? Never a dull moment, someone is always jumping the red robot or a daladala manages to inch its way between you and the car a meter in front. And hey…with aircon and Tilly being an automatic this would be COOL…right? Something like a high speed car chase out of the latest James Bond movie…

No. No. As my friends know I am the queen of self-diagnosis and this week my symptoms have been as follows:



Edginess…very edgy…

Symptoms have persisted for 5 days. Yesterday, patient was traveling northwards across Solander Bridge when one male taxi driver bullied patient off the road. Patient responded by vocalizing profanities, hand waving and an immediate feeling of nausea. Tears followed.  Diagnosis: DRIVING IN DAR!

Now this is all very dramatic BUT I realized how stressful it is driving here as you have to be aware of the 30 other vehicles in a 2-meter radius of your car. Desert Rose warned us and I did not heed her advice, but I have now experienced the traffic for myself.

The prescribed treatment: Relax. Leave for your destination early so that you are not pressed for time. And, let the daladala through.  Alternatively, warn friends to watch out for the little silver bullet who has enough attitude to match the rest of them and wont be a push over. T…is for TILLY!




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