Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Great Safari

(image from Edward Monkton)

So. The time has come, a lot quicker than I thought it would be, but here it is!

I leave Dar es Salaam in a few weeks, and am having somewhat an interesting time with it all.

  • Nokia Bereft

So – one great thing about Tanzania is the lack of crime (when compared relatively to other African countries – not somewhere like New Zealand, apparently the safest place to live on this planet. Must be exciting!!)

But, they love nicking phones. 3 down, 0 to go.

  • Quotes from Movers

Extraordinary. I mean really bloody surprising!

Shipping: (3-4mths, mission basically) = $2000 minimum

Air freight (on the same bloody day of travel) = $400

Go figure?

  • Planning the last safari

Being in the safari industry, I thought this would be the easiest thing I have done, not so…. One forgets the vast distances in Tanzania, and the fact there is pretty much bugger all in between. One of the reasons we love it I guess?

  • Resigning – double your popularity in 1 day!!

Do it, seriously, give it a try – never (and I mean never) have colleagues been so charming. I even got an email from God thanking me for sending him some info I passed on – I did literally fall off my work chair, but because I am so popular now no one laughed - they all rushed to help. I love this.

  • The feelin’ of leavin’

It’s been nothing but rose tinted glasses and champagne, but every now and again, you do get a little pang…. Leaving people will not be easy, and that’s another thing we love about this place – the people.

Where to now? Heading up north for a short safari, gathering some momentum up Kili and then rolling south… back to my tribe.

Honestly, though, I can’t see myself away for too long. She says with a knowing grin.



  1. ahhhh hibiscus...all this leaving talk is toooo sad!
    we are going to HAVE to drink wine every single night for the last week!
    still can't believe you are going!
    ps...agree with the resigning bit! how weird is that?! now for the next job...mmmmm

  2. pps...LOVE the edward monkton - his work is brilliant!!!

  3. Speedwobble says:
    Have fun in the serengeti and the ngorongoro crater, then hi thee hence to your tribe. We look forward to seeing you home!!!!

  4. Hi thee hence should read hie thee hence.....???!!!

  5. My neighbour gonna miss the gonna miss the smell of amazing cooking and baking from your side...may we all meet up in Cape Town one day!

  6. Anneke - you better be ready for the crater - lets go ruffle some khaki darling!!!!!! Tsa tsa... tsa tsa tsa...!!!
    Maisha - the door is always open and there is always far too much food, please come and help me eat!
    Speedwobble - I simply cannot wait to be back home, where my thoughts are waiting... silently for me.....!!!

  7. Jules, I have done khaki and it only left me longing...then again, maybe it's worth one more try ;-)