Monday, January 11, 2010

Why is it??

I've got 7 very important questions and I'd like some answers if anybody can help....

1.  Why is it that our dear Tanesco (supposed Power supplier to Dar) decides to cut Oyster Bay out of the grid on a Thursday at 13:00 in January? (2nd day after our arrival back in Dar  after a nice , long holiday with perfect weather) It is very very hot (I wanted to swear, but rather decided against it) and the humidity must be 130%......

2.  Why is it that Moo eats ALL her food when the nanny gives it to her as suppose to me?

3.  Why is it that you get complimented by your gardener after returning from 3 weeks in South Africa:  “Dada (sister), you like nice and fat (showing with his arms next to his body in an outward movement) it’s a good country you go to"

  • Well, I actually know the answer to this one: it’s because we ate skaaptjoppies (lamb chops) morning, noon and night and started to drink wine everyday as soon as the clock struck 11:00!

4.  Why is it that, as Maisha said, you never really keep to your New Year’s resolutions? (It's only day 11 and I've failed miserably)

5.  Why is it in Tanzania that you have to pay people in FULL to do something BEFORE they even started to lay a brick as suppose to AFTERWARDS like everywhere else?

6.  Why is it that we can’t catch lighting in a bottle?

7.  Why is it that we can’t trapeze over the traffic in Dar?


~desert rose~

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  1. A big chuckle! Darlin number 3 is something I am sure we all share... how we love those opinionated gardeners! 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.'