Thursday, September 23, 2010

Packets of Love

In the quaint little town of Prince Alfred Hamlet, right across from the notorious Hamlet Hotel, stands a little piece of my soul.  What started as a labour of love has turned into a fulyl fledged bakery called MamaMac's.
Even before all things homemade and wholesome became a big news trend, this is exactly the way my mom lovingly made rusks in her farm kitchen. First for us, then friends enquired and soon in 1995 she started supplying to a well-known delicatessen. Using and perfecting traditional, family recipes she has grown the business from a one woman show to a bakery that employs 8 women and my sister.
Given our communal passion for good food and instinct to feed those around us, I suppose this should come as no great surprise.

When I go home to visit, the three of us can sit for hours in the office drinking coffee, "testing" our biscuits (very important by the way!), talking and laughing.  Or my sister takes me into the bakery to teach me the fine art of the perfect shortbread, or better yet, we dream up new products or ideas pouring over magazines and clippings we collect along the way.  On Friday's my sister, a pastry chef by profession, whips up some delicious treat to savour over the weekend and friends from all over Hamlet and Ceres drop in to stock-up on some freshly baked carrot cake, double-chocolate cupcakes of spicy cinnamon buns.

I recently had friends that came to visit from South Africa.  The biggest treat the stuffed suitcase revealed - a packet of MamaMac's Health Rusks and Shortbread Biscuits...a crumbly piece of home, packets of yummy love.

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  1. Can confirm that Mama Macs is the best in the West! I've also tried and tested MANY a packet of rusks, biscuits and sweet treats from there!

  2. Beautiful photographs...proof that even a small brand can be beautifully designed!