Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotta love it... painting your nails in Dar

WWAHHHAAAA, I can't download the photo - what is it with these Blackberry's ... (or is it Blackberries?!) Sorry - picture will follow.

Anyway, so Andizi and I went for a pedi/mani combo on Saturday afternoon. It was just great.
We settled in the local "nail shop", feet up, new magazine - courtesy of Impi - jewelry off, kid at the playground with the dada and water on the side table. We were in heaven. Nothing like getting your feet properly scrubbed while trying to make out what the "plastic-nail-attachment-lady"is saying ( in Swahili) to the French speaking, hip, young lady next to me with curlers in her hair.......

You absolutely just got to love the noise, the noise of a local nail shop aka SPA. I'll show you the business card, special.

So while we were sitting in this wonderful establishment, I saw the "plastic-nail-attachment-lady" winking to the sheet guy outside the window. No problem with that, other than the fact that he had approximately 17 sheets on his head and 3 proudly draped around his arm in a  red-rose-with-yellow-trimmings pattern.
So he waltzes in and immediately the bickering starts:

Plastic-nail-attachment-lady: Mambo? (Howzit)

Dodgy sheet guy:                   Poa, mzima (Cool and chilled)

Plastic-nail-attachment-lady:  Bei ghani i shuka ya rangi ekundu....

Dodgy sheet guy:                  ah! EXCLAMATION: Tsh 5000 (approx. R25)

Plastic-nail-attachment-lady: Sawa, asante, kesho! (i.e. bugger off- way too much!)

End of conversations and life resumes with it's normal buzz....

It was priceless.... you had to be there though!

~ desert rose ~

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  1. Ah man, priceless indeed!
    Also note, as you enter the salon/spa the towels are drying draped over the bushes outside! Got to love pampering in Dar!