Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

I am exhausted after a week of the highest highs and two quite severe lows. I want to just pass out on my bed and sleep for days but it is too freakin hot! I wish I was back in the cool plains of the Serengti with Hibiscus, silently sipping on a G&T.

As you can imagine, the above constitutes one of my highs. Actually that was THE high of an amazing, unforgettable road trip with my friend. We were in the middle of “the endless plains”, having sundowners surrounded by tens of thousands of wildebeest. It is quite simply indescribable! The Serengti really took my breath away…

But I will bore you with all the fantastic details of our trip at a later stage, I am just too emotional to do that right now! Also look out for some reviews on the wonderful places we stayed at, made all the more memorable by the fellow guests we met as well as the excellent staff!

Life came CRASHING down, and it was back to reality upon our return to Dar Es Salaam. Obviously the one low has to do with a man! It hurts like hell, but when your friends climb onto your bed to dry your tears accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniels you know that time heals and you WILL survive this heart break.

Secondly I had to say goodbye to one of those Jack swigging friends last night. Hibiscus is on her way to Cape Town…My friend, I will miss you so very much! I will miss 5 star dinners at your flat, your 80’s music, your laugh, endless conversation of the red soil and the men it enchants, which in turn enchant us! I will miss getting drunk on your couch, your jokes and dancing on chairs/sofas of five star lodges! I will miss you, I will miss you! Mother City, take care of this girl and until we meet again Hibiscus, leave no stone unturned!

From your friend Karen aka Andizi ;-)

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  1. and to top it beautiful, loving cat died last night?! well, actually my sister's cat, but i loved that bugger like my own! there was and never will be another cat like