Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the ol' days in Dar

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I remember:

- when Kimweri Rd was a dirt road.... Shooters Pub & Grill was quite a dusty place!
We had to throw buckets of water on the road, so that the you wouldn't taste the dust on your 1kg T-bone!

- when the area from Shoppers Plaza to the BP garage by Garden Road was all MARSH!!!
NO building, so shopping centers, no housing complexes!

- when you had to buy one kind of tampons (the only one available) for $8 for a packet of 10.
(Talk about saving for that time of month!)

- you only had Shoppers Plaza to go to for any kind of "imported" delicacies...
It cost an arm and a leg of course! Nowadays, no-one minds paying stupid money for it!
I mean, really, compare the price of cheese to what you pay at home......

- Haille Salaisse was the worst road in Dar es Salaam, tarmac was myth,
it was actually ridiculous to drive on it!

- Smokies - legend legend legend pub!


- And then - who remembers 420...... Pub close by Sea Cliff. Man, this was ages ago, I barely remember it!!!

- William, the best barman in town! Garden Bistro's own. Whenever anybody walked in, he would know what you drink, how you drink it and how many you could handle. When you've reached your limit, he would send out a kind warning, but still sell you more booze!! 
I am sure he's been offered gazillions of money at other bars/restaurants, but true as Bob, he's still at Garden's! He is a legend!  Next time I'll write an Ode to William..... after all, he's seen many a body shot on the bar counter on a dodgy Wednesday night, back in the day!

-  and then most important - who remembers when last they  watched the sunrise over the ocean at Coco Beach.....

~desert rose~

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