Friday, December 10, 2010

Plastic in the ocean

People can sometimes make weird and stupid choices.

Like for instance: yesterday was a public holiday in Tanzania (Independence Day I think?) and we all sat, sunscreened-up, hats on, drinks ice cold and geared for a mean booze cruise on the tender boat on our way to Dhow Junkie, our friends awesome dhow.

                                                                               (google images)

All of a sardine the engine of the tender boat stopped and cut out completely....... We all looked at each other, oih, dhow is out thhhheeerrrreeeeee and the beach is a good swim away. There were murmurs about plastic wrapped around the engine .... and low and behold, as the "captain" lifted up the  engine, there was a  huge 50kg mieliemeal bag wrapped around it.

No problems, hakuna matata..... He just unwrapped it and unceremoniously chucked it right back into the ocean. I mean OH MY SOUL!!!! Was that necessary? Ready for the next guy to get stuck I guess.
Worst thing is that I couldn't get a word out to SCOLD this old guy for what he just did and the bag drifted away slowly.

I must say, I am pretty disgusted at the best of times with these Tanzanians dirty way of dealing with their rubbish. If you are looking to make good money quickly - start a rubbish plant somewhere and clean up this town. (not a nice job, but you'll make millions, because everyone will pay you to do it!)
Currently their reason for throwing plastic bottles, cartons etc out the windows of the dala dalas (taxis) is because it creates work for someone else. For GOODNESS SAKE!

Where's: Zip dit in 'n Zippy Blik! Hie hie!

Try and teach the people around you about cleaning up. We must start somewhere.

~desert rose~

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