Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its all in The List

It's incredible! It works! It's the only way forward.

Its the spoon of flour when your mixture is curdling, it adds the clarity to your consumme. It all becomes clear again and the way you want it to be, for fucks sakes you can uncurdle your life with a list! So everyone, anyone, with any little problem whatsoever, I urge you to write a list.

I wrote the list about 3 months ago, and have now come to the conclusion. It's a beautiful feeling, the cake is no longer a curdled mess it's a smooth voluptuous consistency. All ready to be baked and I cannot wait to see the outcome.

The great thing about writing the list is we bloody well know it anyway, for some reason the words on paper or blocks in excel just confirm it for us....

Happy listing, and wishing you all a Merry Christmas - may the presents be many and the wine flow generously.

~ hibiscus

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