Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost 2010

Photos: Ryan Wienand Photography

I hope that everybody had a GREAT Christmas and that the time with family and friends were very special!

After a lovely visit in Kenton and St. Francis with my in-laws and their immediate family – at one stage I counted 29 people! – we arrived at a small coastal town called Kleinmond.

Since I can remember, my family has been coming to Kleinmond for the December holidays.  Driving into Kleinmond, familiarity strikes as I recognized the little coffee shop on the corner, the pharmacy – where I always bought all the Christmas gifts on my parents account – the one and only Spar and all the places from my childhood.

So special, so fortunate to be able to come back to this and show our little Moo where I grew up.

And as per always – with summer holidays you’ll find us (and about 24 other friends) on our stoep enjoying seafood and wine in abundance! I’m hoping to get Impi’s famous Crayfish Termidor recipe and send it on to you!

Watch this space for further developments……

I wish you and your families a WICKED 2010!


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