Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Profiles

Infamous for her dinner parties that start with a lovely feast and end in 80’s music and dancing, Hibiscus is a bubbly baker with a love and zest for life that is infectious.  She laughs a lot and aloud!  She is a gifted chef and generous gal and if you are looking for her at any social occasion, she is the one that arrives with a fresh melktert, cheesecake or lemon tart decorated with flowers on a baking tray.

Desert Rose, like her name, is both strong and sweet.  Even in the most trying circumstances you can count on her to come up with a plan, stay focused and then embrace and care for anyone that needs comforting.  She is a tough problem solver and the most tender wife and mother.  She is the proverbial pillar of strength to so many friends and family with an open door and open heart.

A little naïve, a little quirky, a lot of sunshine, that is Frangipani!  The youngest of the gals, Frangipani parties till late, sleeps later and still loves everything about life in between!   She will amaze you with her creative talent, her intelligence, her ready smile and her ability to dance in heels until the sun comes up!

Maisha means “life” and there is little of life that goes unnoticed by our girl!  She has a keen eye for fashion and can see the wonder in a kanga pattern or a cow horn button.  Soft and gentle and always beautifully groomed, she is like the Dar Animal Haven kitties that she so often adopts.  Always poised, always elegant, Maisha is a real lady with a bright smile and kind heart.

A loud, deep, warm-hearted laugh and a flurry of expressive hand movements characterize the story telling of the gregarious Andizi. A dedicated helper, wine lover and friend, this lovely lady is always surrounded by people after a long day enjoying a glass of vino, on the phone with someone from home or planning an adventure into the African bush. Her intelligence and motivation have taken her to soaring heights professionally and now, taking a step back she soaks up the sun, always out and about in the markets or at the beach not allowing any opportunities to pass her by…not even a game of chess and especially not a good debate.  

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