Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T'is the season

Two of my favourite things about Dar are in season:

1.  Mangoes
Best eaten in the pool or in the bath - they are juicy and messy but well worth the threads stuck in your teeth afterwards!

Please note: you have to buy them from the fruit guy with the basket bicycle by the side of the road - they just taste better than the ones from Shoppers.  And because I am a regular with old John, he often rewards me with a "gifty" - usually an extra banana.  Best bananas and best mangoes in the world...even named our blog after the glorious mango tree and myself after the humble nzidi!

2.  Flame trees
The intense orange cloud of flowers just bring me joy every time I see one!  It is one of the prettiest things about Dar and makes me want to rush out, buy paint and clumsily try and capture it...which would be impossible (Because I cannot paint and it is just too beautiful).  So instead, when ever I drive past a flame tree I just...smile! 

Two of the things that make the unmerciful summer heat in Dar a little more bearable.


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