Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoe Shopping

A friend of mine recently came to visit and I took her shoe shopping...Dar es Salaam style!  Forget Sandton Noc, we've got Mwenge!



  1. Fantastic blog! Question, how did you go about finding accommodation in Dar? There are two of us Canadian girls here and having one heck of a time finding accommodation! Glad I know where to find shoes now tho! Haha

  2. Hey Lindsay, thanks! Must say, it is a bit of a mission, but if you have a look at Advertising in Dar, the local magazine that's available in most supermarkets every Friday or so, then there are actually quite a lot of options available. Just phone up one of the local agents and there you go..... put a day or 5 aside for house viewing though! That really takes time!
    Good Luck!